SGGK Discussion Questions 2

1. The text spends a lot of time coupling Bertilak’s hunting with Gawain’s temptation at the hands of Bertilak’s wife. What is the significance of this pairing?

2. We have spent a lot of time in class talking about the threat of the feminine in SGGK. Explain some instances in fitt 3 or 4 that show how threatening the presence of women is in this text.

3. We’ve also talked a bit about the Christian/pagan hybridity of the text. Explain what this means and give at least two examples.


Vocab 8 Sentences

The extemporaneous eulogy was expedited and vitiated by Harry the hedonist because he extolled his imperturbable hilarity which he later fathomed did not exonerate him for his actions.

SGGK Part 1 HW Questions

1. What do you make of the Green Knight? Which of his characteristics (physical or otherwise) do you find particularly significant? He’s certainly a “monster,” and he does enter a “hall”–obvious connections to something else we’ve read. What do you make of those connections? Does anything from our discussion of the other monsters find its way into your reading of the Green Knight?


2. What kind of king is Arthur?


3. Pick one of the pictures of the Green Knight on the blog and discuss how it does and does not match the description of the Green Knight in the poem.

Morte Study Guide

Be able to identify/define the following characters, terms, and people:


Le Morte Darthur


Uther Pendragon





Morgan le Fey








Romance hero


Be able to answer basic plot information about the events in Le Morte Darthur leading up to your books excerpt and from the excerpt itself


Be able to answer open response questions about the following:

What it means that Arthur is the once and future king

Examples of archetypes or motifs in the story (see your homework questions)

Significance of the repetitions of three

The comparisons of Arthur to Christ